Happy Birthday Gary! Loose Moose & Yuk-Yuk’s

Gary's Shaky Face - 29th BirthdayGary Bearchell shows us the proper way to perform a shakey face.

It’s Grey Cup weekend in Vancouver and a bunch of us went out to celebrate Gary’s 29th birthday. We started at the Loose Moose, watching the Canuck’s game (WITH NO SOUND!), and then made our way over to Yuk-Yuk’s for the second show of the evening.

Gary managed to get together a great crew for last night’s outing. A crew that appreciates his kindness, support, sense of humour, and incredible shakeyface abilities (see picture).

Happy Birthday buddy!

Aaron, Ryan, and Jeremy @ the Loose Moose

Snowboarding at Cypress Mountain, Vancouver

On the lift at Cypress - November 24, 2005

I got a chance to escape Vancouver’s fog yesterday by going snowboarding with three of my friends, Gary, Jude, and Ryan. We met up at Cypress Mountain at 9am, got the boards waxed, and hit the slopes.

Cypress had their two main chairs running and about 40% of the terrain open. The conditions were very spring-like and the groomed runs were lots of fun. The few ungroomed portions of the mountain that were open were very icy and weren’t particularly appealing to snowboarders.

We logged 10-12 runs, had a great lunch in the pub, and left the mountain at about 3pm when the rain started coming down. All in all it was a great start to the season – and the mountain will be in great shape with one more dump of snow – expected later this week or early next.

Gary & Jude on Chairlift - Cypress Mountain

Ryan & Jude on the hill - Cypress Mountain

Guys on the chairlift - Cypress Mountain

Toastmasters Ice Breaker Speech

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve recently joined Toastmasters in Vancouver. On Wednesday, my fourth Toastmasters meeting, I prepared and delivered a 4-6 minute “Ice Breaker Speech”.

Usually this would have been a fairly terrifying experience, but after having spent four Wednesdays with Toastmasters I felt pretty comfortable delivering the speech.

I realized at the end of my speech that I’d missed a part in my intro that really would’ve allowed me to nail the conclusion of my speech – but the beauty of Toastmasters is that I can speak again next week and make improvements.

I had a number of “ums” and “ahhhs”, could’ve used pauses more effectively, and should have spoken a little louder. I’m looking forward to next week so I can work on improving in these areas.

I’m having a lot of fun with Vancore Toastmasters and am really impressed with the quality people who are involved.