Daily Links for 2006-01-27

Building a Smarter To-Do List

This is a great page of tips about building a smarter to-do list. It’s definitely worth a look from anyone who regularly has to multi-task or accomplish a number of things in a day

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Patching your personal suck | 43 Folders

Get to know your strengths and weakenesses – and capitalize on them. Patching your personal suck is a good article.

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The Baby Nanny

Any new moms out there? This looks like it would be $20 well-spent for any new moms who may be on the worrying side of life. I think it’s a neat product for any new parents.

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$5.3 Billion Northern Water Defense

Stephen Harper has promised to spend $5.3 billion on three armed heavy icebreaking ships, an eventual deep-water port in Iqaluit, and an underwater network of listening posts to ensure that Canada is aware of foreign subs in our Northern waters.

Am I an idiot – or is there really a cause for concern with having subs in our northern waters?

Ideally we’d know when there were any subs in our northern waters, don’t get me wrong, but what are they going to be able to do, so far away from any of our resources or population?

The CBC article I read about this mentions that this $5.3 billion is to defend our norther waters from the Americans, Russians, and the Danes. I was under the impression that we are on good terms with all three of those countries – is there something that no one’s telling me?

$5.3 Billion – did I mention that? I think that works out to about $177 for every single man, woman, and child in Canada…and I’m sure a good chunk of our population isn’t paying too much in tax – so it’s likely much more than that per person.

What are your thoughts? Do you know of anything that needs to be defended underwater in our North? What would the Russians, Americans, or Danes be looking for under the North Pole?

Harper brushes off U.S. criticism of Arctic plan

Motorcycle Trials Video Game

I’m not a “gamer” by any stretch of the imagination. The only video game I’ve played regularly throughout my life was NHL Hockey for the various systems that have come and gone over the years. My friend introduced me to a site that offers a number of online games and I did find a game that I really enjoy. It’s a motorcyle trials game called Trials Bike.

Follow this link to have a look. Be forewarned – you will spend some time playing this!

Trials Bike Video Game