Quebec priests challenge the Vatican – good for them!

A group of Roman-Catholic priests from Quebec have challenged the church’s opposition to same-sex marriage and actively gay priests in an open letter published yesterday.

I’m happy to see this group from Quebec promoting tolerance and inclusion – something that our society needs.

Have a read of this artcle in the Globe and Mail, “Quebec priests challenge same-sex stand”.

Excerpt from Globe and Mail article:

The letter also criticizes the Canadian bishops’ presentation to Parliament that opposed Bill C-38 on same-sex marriage. “Was there any trace of the compassion that marked Jesus’s passage on Earth? Not a paragraph, not a sentence in your brief that takes into account the historical discrimination against homosexuals and the tragedy of their social and ecclesial exclusion.”

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UBC to Host Canada West Final Four (Basketball)

UBC is hosting the Canada West Final Four Basketball tournament for both men and women’s teams this weekend.

We watched an exciting match-up yesterday afternoon at UBC. UBC vs Uvic in their third game of a best of three series. The game went to the wire, with both teams tied at the end of the second-half. UBC dominated OT, winning 74-66 in the end.

Check out UBC’s next game at the Canada West Final Four at UBC on Friday, March 3 at 8pm. The UBC women will be playing at 6pm on Friday so plan on watching both games.

For more info head to the UBC Thunderbirds’ website.