Blog featured in BC Toastmasters Newsletter

I’ve only been blogging for about four months, so imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from BC Toastmasters asking if they could put two of my blog posts in their monthly newsletter. It was about a month ago when I received that call and yesterday when I visited their site I found the newsletter online.

BC Toastmasters Website

The Link Newsletter – featuring my blog entries
Toastmasters February Newsletter

This is a pdf file, so it may take a minute to load in your browser.

Toastmasters has been really great for me so far. As a small business owner, working from home until this week, it gave me an opportunity to interact with other professionals and hear about what’s going on in the city and what they are thinking about. Now that I’ve got an office downtown it’s going to be that much easier to attend every meeting. I’m actually preparing to deliver my 3rd speech today and it will probably be about the benefits of blogging.