Private Home Sales – Canada

The real-estate market here in BC has been booming over the last few years. With the Internet becoming a fixture in most Canadian households, the number of people selling there homes privately is on the rise too. It’s no surprise really, when you think that all someone needs to do now is snap a few pictures, write some copy and post a web page, as this guy from Wisconsin did:

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“This was a relatively simple thing to do.” said Adam Peters, home-owner and creator behind “It took me all day to snap some pictures, use a simple WYSIWYG web creation tool, register the site with and it was up. Pretty slick and simple if you know what you’re doing.”

There are also a number of professional marketing companies popping up for people who want to sell their homes privately. offers professionally designed lawn-signs, web-listings and more.

Complete For Sale By Owner Package information is available at