Matthew Good’s Blog is Back!

The MBLOG is back online at Matt Good’s website. He’s narrowed the blog’s focus, having removed most of his personal posts and leaving mainly political posts. Luckily for me the reason I visit MBLOG is for his political writing and information gathering.

I admit that I’ll miss some of the candid stories and pictures his blog used to feature, because they showcased just how normal and well-adjusted celebrities can be. But I understand that if you share too much of yourself, life can get a little complicated.

If you’re looking to read something to make you think about things, have a look at Matthew Good’s blog. I usually read it with my coffee in the morning.

Coffee Table Glass Replaced

Coffee Table in Living Room

Coffee Table Glass Replaced, originally uploaded by Jeremy Latham.

Our buddy broke the glass on our coffee table while watching the Canucks vs. Edmonton game the other night. It was an exciting game – I can’t blame him for getting a little wound up.

We were concerned about the price of replacing the glass, but I put a note up on and within 24 hours I received an email from a lovely woman who happened to have a perfect piece of glass for us. She wanted $15 for the glass but I gave her $20 because I didn’t have change. Either way it was still a bargain. We’ve got a place to put the beer once again!

SEO for Dummies

Google’s got some great info relating to Search Engine Optimization.

I’ll be posting some SEO techniques in the near future. Here are few things to think about in the meantime:

Choosing Key Words/Topics:
Before you get going on any optimization plan you will need to decide what you are going to be optimizing for. You’ll have to do some research to find out what people are typing into the search engines when they’re looking for property. Then you will write your content and design your websites around the key words/terms/topics you deem to be the most lucrative. You will enter the appropriate keywords and descriptions in your meta-tags – but the meta-tags really aren’t all that important any more, it’s knowing what your keywords are and sticking in content that’s relevant to those key words.

Creating Content:
When building websites you’ll want to make sure that you’re using your h1, h2, h3, p… tags appropriately. Search engines give more weight to content in an h1 tag than they do to content in a p tag. I believe the best way to optimize content for search engines is to use concise and relevant headlines with supporting paragraphs following. Also make sure to create alt tags for all your images, using concise and relevant descriptions.

For more info about html, xhtml, css, and clean & clear coding visit:

Pay particular attention to this page, but I suggest you run through all the html, xhtml, and css training. It’s free and it’s good.

More to come in the near future…