Vancouver Custom Cars

1943 Cadillac - Abbotsford Custom Car Show

I went to the Abbotsford custom car show today. Abbotsford is located about 30 minutes from Vancouver, BC.

There were a lot of really nice vehicles in the show but the top three that I saw were:

  • John Fluevog’s custom 1965 Jag Mark 10 was my favorite car of the day. Pics: Fluevog Jag 1, Fluevog Jag 2, and Fluevog Jag 3.
  • A burgundy 1943 Cadillac from Washington State
  • A black 1948 Cadillac from Chilliwack

There were amazing cars of all types and the show was totally worth checking out. I’ll be adding pictures to this shortly.

Self-Cooling Beer Cans

Cold Beer

Miller Beer will be introducing self-cooling cans soon. I doubt we’ll see them in Vancouver any time soon.

The cans will be capable of dropping in temperature by 16 degrees celcius (30 Farenheit) within three minutes of activation, making it perfect for Vancouver’s mid-20s summer days.

The cans will be the normal 16oz size but are said to contain only 10.5oz of beer, to make room for the cooling apparatus.

Quick math tells me we’ll be getting about 33% less beer but we won’t have to lug a cooler around. Sounds like a pretty fair trade-off, particularly for beach volleyball, slow-pitch, or parties in the woods.

I haven’t seen anything about the can’s ability to be recycled, but one would hope that was a major consideration in development.

Canadian Budget: Like Robin Hood – Backwards

Hand in the Cookie Jar - Canadian Budget

The Canadian Federal Budget goes to a vote in the House of Commons next Tuesday and it may contain some interesting ways of making ends meet.

In an earlier post I questioned the Conservative plan for child-care. I didn’t know whether the numbers would work out in favour of parents or not. From everything I’ve read, it sounds like there aren’t too many who will benefit from the child-care allowance.

This morning when I checked my email I read Jonathan Monpetit’s article in the Maisonneuve Mediscout newsletter I came across an article talking about both the child-care allowance and the reduction of the GST.

From the sound of Monpetit’s article there’s talk of funding the GST cut by increasing the tax rate for the lowest income earners by 1%. I sincerely hope this is just speculation and this isn’t, in fact, going to happen.

Jonathan Monpetit from Maisonneuve’s MediaScout reports:

Harper’s Poor Friends
…the Conservatives plan to axe something called the Canada Child Tax Benefit in order to pay for their $1,200 per year payment to parents. According to the Caledon Institute, a think-tank focusing on child-care issues, rolling back the child tax benefit means taking $249 out of the pockets of low-income families, whereas higher-income families never qualified for the benefit in the first place. After crunching some numbers, the Caledon report concludes that, under the proposed new child-care scheme, families making $200,000 annually will be able to keep more than $1,000 of their $1,200 allotment after taxes. In contrast, families making $30,000 will be able to keep less than $200 of their $1,200 stipend. To add insult to injury, Conservatives have said the GST could be partly financed by a 1 percent increase to the country’s lowest income tax rate.

I hope this isn’t a case of taking from the least wealthy to finance campaign promises – a case of robbin’ hoods.

The Rumsfeld Debate

There are articles all over the ‘net this week about a group of retired generals being unhappy with Rumsfeld’s decisions regarding Iraq.

The New York Times has a great article that includes a number of opinions from younger officers on the matter:

Young Officers Join the Debate Over Rumsfeld
WASHINGTON, April 22 — The revolt by retired generals who publicly criticized Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has opened an extraordinary debate among younger officers, in military academies, in the armed services’ staff colleges and even in command posts and mess halls in Iraq.

Reuters offers the following article:

Former President Ford defends Rumsfeld
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former U.S. President Gerald Ford on Friday came to the aid of his former Pentagon chief, saying in a letter released on Friday he was “extremely troubled” by a handful of retired generals demanding Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation.