Canucks – Too little too late

The Vancouver Canucks failed to make the playoffs this year. It was a year where we Vancouverites had high hopes of a Stanley Cup run. Injuries, some emotional baggage, and poor timing all led to us missing the second part of the season.

I’m disappointed because I was really looking forward to the heart generally displayed in the post-season – the fully justified emotional roller-coaster my life goes on throughout late-April, May, and hopefully June while the playoffs are taking place. It also saddens me that there could be some big moves for Vancouver in the off-season. I wanted to see the team we’ve got give it a run.

Our crew of friends like the “big line” and the Sedins & Carter. We’ve been fully supportive of Bert through the Moore incident, which I still believe was totally unintentional. We wanted to see them get back to hockey, together.

I’m interested to see what shape the team will take as the off-season progresses. And I hope we can re-focus and figure things out – because I’d really like to see this team win together.

Beach volleyball, slowpitch, and golf are all I’ve got now until September. Let’s hope a Canadian team can bring home the cup.