Canada Child-Care Allowance

Stephen Harper’s prepared to go ahead with the Conservative’s child-care allowance whether the opposition parties like it or not. CTV news reports:

Harper dares opposition to block child care plan

If opposition parties don’t like his government’s proposed child-care allowance, they can vote against the government’s forthcoming budget, says Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“We were elected on this, we ran on this, we know it’s popular,” Harper told reporters in Burnaby, B.C.

My question is: How much real money will the proposed child-care allowance put in Canadians’ pockets? I’ve heard a few people mention that the money would be considered taxable income, which would mean unless you’re not making very much money you’re going to be forking over a good percentage of the allowance to the government.

Wouldn’t it make sense to spend the same money on a provincial or national daycare system where 25-40% of the money wouldn’t be going right back into the governments coffers?

I really don’t know anything about this so I would love to hear some people’s opinions on this. Leave your comments here:

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