Planet Ice Coquitlam Div 7 Champs!

Planet Ice Division 7 Champions - Drink from the cup!

The Knights finally won a championship! Six years after the team was put together they were finally drinking out of the cup last night.

In the final series the Knights played against the Travelers Loan Arrangers. It was a hard-fought 3-game series, with both teams winning a game prior to last night’s 6-3 contest.

When asked for his thoughts, the Knight’s captain replied, “I’ve been through some tough times with the club, but this is probably the greatest moment of my hockey career!”

“Everything just kind of came together,” said the assistant captain, who hasn’t shaved in three weeks. “We came into the game pretty focused and we played well. They got a couple on us early, but we just kept fighting and the puck started to bounce our way. It was a good team effort. Could I have another beer please.”

If any Knights out there want to send in some pictures of the evening email them to

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  1. We were down 2-0 in the first 5 minutes and it didn’t look good for us at all.

    Heading into the 3rd we were down a man for 2 minutes and it was 3-1 for them.

    Then the God of Hockey looked down and said, “what the fuck is happening here!” He then gave Scotty the power to score – which he did. That made Hur think, “shit if Scotty can score on these guys then so can I.” and he did 1 minute later.

    With the game tied up the God of Hockey said,” It’s now up to you boys, my work here is done.”

    Monico scored the winner and we got two empty netters.

    That’ about how it happened.

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