Planet Ice Coquitlam Div 7 Champs!

Planet Ice Division 7 Champions - Drink from the cup!

The Knights finally won a championship! Six years after the team was put together they were finally drinking out of the cup last night.

In the final series the Knights played against the Travelers Loan Arrangers. It was a hard-fought 3-game series, with both teams winning a game prior to last night’s 6-3 contest.

When asked for his thoughts, the Knight’s captain replied, “I’ve been through some tough times with the club, but this is probably the greatest moment of my hockey career!”

“Everything just kind of came together,” said the assistant captain, who hasn’t shaved in three weeks. “We came into the game pretty focused and we played well. They got a couple on us early, but we just kept fighting and the puck started to bounce our way. It was a good team effort. Could I have another beer please.”

If any Knights out there want to send in some pictures of the evening email them to

Harper on Crime

Harper’s Conservatives are pushing for mandatory minimum sentences for a variety of crimes including drug trafficking, crimes by parolees, and weapons offences.

The Star reports:

Speaking to about 1,200 people at a Manitoba Chambers of Commerce luncheon, Harper said the reforms will include three key measures.

One would impose mandatory minimum sentences for drug trafficking, weapons offences and crimes committed while on parole, and for repeat and violent offenders.

The Conservatives also want to end what Harper called the “unconscionable” practice of conditional sentences, which let criminals serve out terms at home.

The third measure would be to increase the age of consent for sex between an adult and teen to 16 from 14.

“We’ve made a decision to crack down on crime and we’re going to stick to it,” Harper said. “But we are in a minority Parliament, and that means there are decisions that have to be made by the other parties, especially on the issue of crime.”

He accused the Liberals and other opposition parties of opposing Conservative justice reforms at every turn over the last 13 years and then promising to get tough on crime during election campaigns. The new government plans to bring in each justice measure in a separate bill to force the opposition members to take a stand.

My understanding is that mandatory minimums have been in effect in many states for years and haven’t been particularly effective because it takes the power out of judges’ hands and puts them into the hands of police officers and district attorneys.

If you’re knowledgeable about the subject please leave a note and point me in the right direction to find more info either for or against mandatory minimum sentences.

Canada Child-Care Allowance

Stephen Harper’s prepared to go ahead with the Conservative’s child-care allowance whether the opposition parties like it or not. CTV news reports:

Harper dares opposition to block child care plan

If opposition parties don’t like his government’s proposed child-care allowance, they can vote against the government’s forthcoming budget, says Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“We were elected on this, we ran on this, we know it’s popular,” Harper told reporters in Burnaby, B.C.

My question is: How much real money will the proposed child-care allowance put in Canadians’ pockets? I’ve heard a few people mention that the money would be considered taxable income, which would mean unless you’re not making very much money you’re going to be forking over a good percentage of the allowance to the government.

Wouldn’t it make sense to spend the same money on a provincial or national daycare system where 25-40% of the money wouldn’t be going right back into the governments coffers?

I really don’t know anything about this so I would love to hear some people’s opinions on this. Leave your comments here:

Vancouver’s Still Skiing and Snowboarding

Vancouver ski hill, Grouse Mountain.

Vancouver’s local ski hills got a 45cm dump this weekend, which has led Cypress Mountain to extend their season for at least one extra weekend.

CTV reported on tonight’s news that Cypress would open again the following weekend if there is a good turnout next weekend. So if you wanna keep riding or skiing head to Cypress Mountain next weekend.

Check out the new photo gallery on the Cypress site while you’re there, it’s loaded with pictures.

Canucks – Too little too late

The Vancouver Canucks failed to make the playoffs this year. It was a year where we Vancouverites had high hopes of a Stanley Cup run. Injuries, some emotional baggage, and poor timing all led to us missing the second part of the season.

I’m disappointed because I was really looking forward to the heart generally displayed in the post-season – the fully justified emotional roller-coaster my life goes on throughout late-April, May, and hopefully June while the playoffs are taking place. It also saddens me that there could be some big moves for Vancouver in the off-season. I wanted to see the team we’ve got give it a run.

Our crew of friends like the “big line” and the Sedins & Carter. We’ve been fully supportive of Bert through the Moore incident, which I still believe was totally unintentional. We wanted to see them get back to hockey, together.

I’m interested to see what shape the team will take as the off-season progresses. And I hope we can re-focus and figure things out – because I’d really like to see this team win together.

Beach volleyball, slowpitch, and golf are all I’ve got now until September. Let’s hope a Canadian team can bring home the cup.