Ben Harper at Deer Lake Park – Vancouver

Ben Harper at Deer Lake Park – Vancouver

I hadn’t ever been to a Ben Harper concert or to a concert at Deer Lake Park before, but I’ll definitely go to both again. Harper was phenomenal, particularly after the main show – during the first and second encores.

Bedouin Soundclash opened for Harper and they were good. I wasn’t familiar with most of their music but when they sang “When the Night Feels my Song” (Hey, hey, hey What a beautiful day!), the sun broke through the clouds and I couldn’t help but smile – it felt great.

Ben Harper played a main set, and two encores. In his first encore he brought out a local Vancouver band called Be Good Tanyas to sing with him. It was a mellow acoustic set with the Tanyas and it sounded great. For the second encore Harper came out and played all the crowd favourites and the volume and energy were turned up.

From everything I could see everyone was having a wonderful evening sitting on blankets and tarps and then standing on everything when Harper was playing. The evening was definitely money well spent.

Pics to come soon.

Ceroc in Vancouver

A new dance trend has landed in Vancouver and it’s called Ceroc (say-rock).

From Ceroc Dance New Zealand

During the Second World War, American GI’s based in France introduced Jive to the dance scene. The French, being French, adapted it and described it as “c’est le rock”, hence the abbreviated, Ceroc. From Ceroc Dance New Zealand

From Vancouver Ceroc

Ceroc is the fastest growing dance phenomenon in the world. This fusion of JIVE and SALSA is easy to learn, sociable and fun, and can be danced to any music with a regular beat. Ceroc DJ’s play music ranging from 40’s swing through to current chart hits. A Ceroc evening provides a great way to meet people, have a laugh and keep fit. There is no need to bring a partner with you and there is no set weekly or monthly course. You can just turn up to whatever venue you like, as and when you like. Link to Vancouver Ceroc

We’ve been invited out for a friend’s b-day sometime soon – so I guess I’ll be trying it out!

Vancouver Ceroc