Underdogs Prevail in NHL West Playoffs

NHL Playoffs - Skates

While drinking my coffee this morning I was thinking about Calgary’s loss last night. It occurred to me, then, that the top four teams in the Western Conference were knocked out in the first round of this year’s NHL Playoffs.

NHL Playoffs first round results:

Western Conference:

  • Edmonton (8th) beat Detroit (1st)
  • Colorado (7th) beat Dallas (2nd)
  • Anaheim (6th) beat Calgary (3rd)
  • San Jose (5th) beat Nashville (4th)

Things were exactly opposite in the Eastern Conference, where the top four teams downed their opponents.

Eastern Conference:

  • Ottawa (1st) beat Tampa Bay (8th)
  • Carolina (2nd) beat Montreal (7th)
  • New Jersey (3rd) beat New York (6th)
  • Buffalo (4th) beat Philadelphia (5th)

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