Vancouver Fashion and Art Market Announced

A new Vancouver fashion and art market, called Portobello West, is going to be launched on August 27, 2006 at the Plaza of Nations. It will be held once a month after that. There was a big write-up in the fashion section of this week’s Georgia Straight:

If you build it, the fashionistas will come

By angela murrills
Publish Date: 4-May-2006

All treasured pieces of clothing come with a colourful anecdote attached, and it isn’t “I bought it on sale at Sears” but more along the lines of “I had a couple of hours to spare the day I flew back from London so I roamed along beside Regents Canal through Little Venice, got sucked into Camden Market, and that’s where I found my vast paisley shawl. Is it modern? Hardly. More a 1920s knockoff of a Victorian classic. Twenty quid, about $40.” You get the idea. Any roving fashionista likely returns from her travels not just with a black-velvet coat from Sydney’s Paddington Market or a bias-cut skirt pieced together from crimson and saffron silks plucked from a heap on a stall in Siem Reap but with a question. Why not us too? How come Vancouverites can’t amble around in the open air, picking up this or that item of clothing or jewellery and schmoozing with the people who created them? Why can’t we have a Camden or a Paddington in Vancouver? Well, guess what? If enough people jump aboard a brand-new project, we can. Starting August 27 (and the last Sunday of every month thereafter), we’ll have our very own outdoor clothing and crafts market, thanks to inveterate market shopper and local, Carlie Smith.

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For more info about Portobello West.

It’s going to be great to have an outdoor market feel with the Plaza of Nations glass roof. I’m looking forward to this one.

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