1 Second Film – My new movie

I’ve gotten in to the movie biz… Today I officially became an associate producer for the biggest short film in history, The 1 Second Film. Visit the site if you’re interested in becoming a producer too.

All of the film’s profits are being donated to the Global Fund for Women.

From YouTube.com

We went to Sundance to find producers to help finance our 1 SECOND FILM. We snuck into parties and managed to find hundreds of producers, including several celebrities who chipped in $1 or more to help us make our film. Highlights include our cameraman lending Steve Buscemi a dollar, Kevin Bacon spelling his name, and Stephen Colbert helping us get on IMDb. It was a pretty fun time. We are still selling credits to help raise our budget if anyone wants to help produce our film. It’s $1 or more and you get on IMDb with Kevin Bacon. All profits from our film will be donated to charity. More info at www.the1secondfilm.com