Gastown Neighbourhood Coalition

I stumbled across a website today that opposes the planned soccer stadium in Vancouver’s Gastown district.

The Gastown Neighbourhood Coalition opposes the Vancouver Whitecaps’ new stadium plans for a number of reasons:

What interests me about the coalition is the fact that there isn’t any mention of who created the group or who its members are, only:

“A group of like-minded business people and residents has recently formed the Gastown Neighbourhood Coalition.”

I’m guessing that a few of the waterfront landowners/developers have started this because the creation of a stadium would impede the future possibility of turning Gastown’s waterfront into a Yaletown-style redevelopment, as is stated in the Waterfront Access area of their website:

A better option would be a residential development similar to Yaletown or Coal Harbour that could reconnect the community to the waterfront”

I would love to know who these people are. Do you know?

UPDATE: has some pictures of the area and a perspective of someone who’s new to town.

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  1. Some internet based sleuthing for you: has address

    Loading in a browser shows up the same webpage as – Meaning they are hosted on the same webserver. That was an interesting surprise. If you do a whois check on it provides a contact in Vancouver and his website is (the whois on was privacy-blocked).

    There’s no guarantee that it’s run by the same person. Mr Watkins could probably give you some more info though.

  2. oh, brother.

    that was way too much work, Dustin.

    I was one of the members of the gastown neighbourhood. I say ‘was’ because it’s sort of fallen by the wayside.

    Like several of the members, I am someone who lives in gastown, and has a vision for it – techie, yes, in need of money and a measure of gentrification, boutique shops instead of the same-old, same-old, interesting, character, heritage.

    A stadium is not part of that mix. At all.

    And if you click the link on my name, and scroll through some of the posts, you’ll find out pretty fast why those of us opposed to the stadium are sometimes hesitant to give out our names and addresses!

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