Blix Recommends US Stop US Missile Defence

Hans Blix, famous for the WMD investigation in Iraq, and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission have just released a report saying the US should stop their missile defence plan.

US Missile Defence

Mediascout reports:

…the report will only be presented to the UN today, the Globe’s Jeff Sallot reveals that it calls for the US to abandon its controversial missile defence shield program and focus instead on international arms control. Such a report would likely receive a chilly reception in the US at the best of times; the fact that former UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix chairs the commission all but guarantees the report won’t gain much traction south of the border.

The Globe and Mail reports:

In a report to be presented to the United Nations today, Mr. Blix and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission say missile defence systems like the one being built by the United States threaten global peace and security.

Deployment of such systems risks “creating or aggravating arms races,” the commission’s final report says.

Learn more about the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission.

Less fighting and more talking would be a much cheaper way for all of us to get along.