Helping your toddler sleep through the night

toddler resting on a blanket

When I get my morning cup of coffee every morning, I regularly hear parents complaining that their child isn’t sleeping properly, won’t go to bed, or keeps crawling into their bed. I never say anything to the stroller crew, as I don’t have any children, but I figured I would do a bit of research online to see what the “experts” think parents should do to help their toddlers sleep.

First off, what’s a toddler? Info about what a toddler is and what to expect from a toddler is available at Wikipedia

Helping Your Toddler Sleep Through the Night
Here’s a great article to help your kids sleep: How to help your preschooler establish healthy sleep habits

It’s a good read with some real creativity. Make sleeping the peaceful time it should be for your child.

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