JPOD – Douglas Coupland’s Latest Novel

Image of the US/UK website for JPOD, Coupland's latest novel.

JPOD, Douglas Coupland’s latest novel, hit stores about a month ago. I’ve read most of, if not all, of his books and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of this one too.

Douglas Coupland Website
JPOD US/UK Website
Interview with Douglas Coupland re: JPOD

Jeffrey Simpson
at says:

Douglas Coupland’s [wp] new book JPod is either out, or about to be out.* (What do you expect, research? Sheet if Fox News doesn’t have to do it why do I?) Which is exciting because with the exception of his previous book Eleanor Rigby…

Metroblogging Vancouver: JPod and Douglas Coupland in the house

Have you read JPOD? Did you like it?

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4 Replies to “JPOD – Douglas Coupland’s Latest Novel”

  1. I’ve read every Douglas Coupland – and i’m now about 230 pages into jpod. it’s SOoo Coupland, it’s like a review of who he is, what he’s done and he’s looped back to Microserfs/Gen X style writing. It’s updated though – the characters even QUOTE ‘Douglas Coupland’. I can actually relate with them a lil more as a Vancouverite even though I’m Gen Y (so to speak). It’s definately not my fave but when I find myself quoting a book out of the blue, that says something anyway :p Overall (so far) it’s about a 7.5/10 for me.

  2. For a Coupland – we’ll see how I feel when I’m finished :p

    Um wow… as for a fave? hmm Gen X is a staple but I really liked Hey Nostradamus – City of Glass is our official ‘coffee table book’ at home (as far as the non-fictions go).

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