Toastmasters: Chairing my first meeting

Chairing a Toastmasters Meeting

Toastmaster Meeting Chair Person (The Toastmaster)
I received an email this morning from our club’s secretary asking if I would fill the role of chair for today’s Toastmasters meeting. I’ve never been the Toastmaster before so I immediately said I would. It should be an interesting experience.

I’ve looked up some info on being a Toastmaster Chair Person – here’s a good link:

The Mile Square Toastmasters – How to Chair a Toastmaster’s Meeting

Vancouver Toastmasters
More info about Toastmasters in Vancouver

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2 Replies to “Toastmasters: Chairing my first meeting”

  1. Jeremy “Chair Extraordinaire” Latham

    Jeremy performed the role of Chairperson for the first time at our VanCore Toastmasters meeting today.

    He ran the meeting extremely well and managed to execute the whole affair like a true pro:
    *immediately made everyone feel comfortable and ready to participate in meeting
    *explained all aspects of the agenda clearly so we knew what we could expect from the meeting
    *provided great bridging comments between the different speakers
    *ended the meeting a few minutes ahead of schedule

    Jeremy “stepped up” today!! Well done!

    I’m really looking forward to the next time you get the chance to chair one of the VanCore meetings, Jeremy. I know you’ll do an excellent job then – and, with your creativity, probably find a few ways to make it even better.

    Jim Paterson
    President (Outgoing)
    VanCore Toastmasters Club

  2. I can so picture you at the head of a table and being the *boss* of the meeting 🙂

    Sounds like from the above comment you did awesome!!!

    Congrats blondie!


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