Tired of picking up after your dog?

Dog Doody

There’s a new Vancouver-based business who’ll pick up your dog’s mess for you – Doody Duty.

From the company’s press release:

About Doody Duty

Doody Duty Logo

Your yard is your oasis. Your pet is like a member of the family. Doody Duty helps customers enjoy both by delivering a unique service that removes pet waste from your yard, each week. Our friendly uniformed crew will eliminate pet waste from your property, and place it in an environmentally-friendly bio degradable bag. Our CEO & Founder believes in 100% customer satisfaction and delivering a service that is low cost and easy to book, every time. It’s the 21st century, leave the pet waste clean-up to us. Call us at 604.BAG.IT.UP or visit www.doodyduty.biz.

What a great idea!

Rates according to their website are:

Our Rates: (Based on Average sized yard with 1 dog)

1. Weekly Pickup Service (4 weeks for 1 Month) : $76
2. Bi Monthly Pickup Service (2 weeks for 1 Month) : $58
3. Monthly Pickup Service (1 time per month) : $39
4. Special Event Pickup Service: $39

* Add $5 for each additional dog
* Larger than average yards pay a small additional fee of $5
* All prices include PST/GST

And they’ll even give you 2 weeks of free service if you recommend their business to a friend or neighbor.

Stephen Colbert Addresses Knox College

Stephen Colbert gave a commencement address at Knox College on Saturday, June 3, 2006.

From the Knox College website:

[Pours water into a glass at the podium, splashes face and back of neck]

Thank you. Thank you very much. First of all, I’m facing a little bit of a conundrum here. My name is Stephen Colbert, but I actually play someone on television named Stephen Colbert, who looks like me, and who talks like me, but who says things with a straight face he doesn’t mean. And I’m not sure which one of us you invited to speak here today. So, with your indulgence, I’m just going to talk and I’m going to let you figure it out.

Read the rest of Colbert’s speech here.

It may take a minute or two for the speech to load, as I expect the college is getting more hits than they planned on – www.boingboing.net picked up the story, which is where I found it. It’s worth the wait.

Gay Marriage to be debated in Canada again

Gay Marriage - Men

Stephen Harper’s government has vowed to revisit the same-sex marriage debate once again this fall. Yay! There’s my tax dollars at work once again. I wish as a society we could get over this. It is only fair for people to marry whoever they want. It’s nobody else’s business.

It surprises me that Harper would bring this up again because gay couples don’t reproduce, which means that his government would have to shell-out even less money for childcare. If less money’s going to childcare they can reduce business taxes even more.

I thought this issue was done the last time it reared its head. There was substantial discussion around election time, but it’s really gone quiet recently. Maybe they are going to try to push some other things through in the fall and want to deflect the headlines by bringing this topic up again?

What do you think?

CBC News: Commons to revisit same-sex vote

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Writing for the Web

Writing online can be challenging. Sometimes it’s really easy because you’ve just done something exciting and you can’t wait to share it. Other times it can be more difficult because you’re tired, it’s rainy, or you’re just plain busy. I try to write on a daily basis, if only for a few minutes, because I almost always find something interesting in my day and because I think that sharing with others is the biggest way to make a difference and the best part of the web.

This morning I was reading A List Apart and I came across an article called “10 Tips on Writing the Living Web”. It’s a few years old but it’s still very relevant. It’s only a 3-minute read and if you’re a regular online writer, or would like to be, I highly recommend taking the time to read it.

A List Apart: Articles: 10 Tips on Writing the Living Web

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Mother Earth Bumps Her Head

250 million years ago there was a great extinction on earth and scientists have recently figured out why. A 50km wide meteor, the size of London or Sydney, struck Antarctica causing a mascon (the equivalent of a bump on the head for the earth) 500km wide.

The shock to the earth was enough to wipe out a significant portion of the earth’s animals and is thought to have caused the split of Australia from Antartica.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

They say a meteor almost 50 kilometres wide caused a 500-kilometre-wide crater deep under the Wilkes Land region of Antarctica, directly south of Australia.

The massive explosion from the impact probably created the continent of Australia, forcing it to break away from the existing land mass.

The incredible discovery caused huge excitement among Australian scientists last night. It could be the missing link in the geological formation of the continents. It would also answer why life on Earth was almost completely wiped out hundreds of millions of years ago.

The meteor the size of Sydney struck 250 million years ago and must have been the biggest explosion ever seen on the planet, far bigger than the 10-kilometre-wide meteor which hit east of Mexico 65 million years ago, wiping out the dinosaurs….more

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