Champion Lakes, BC, Camping

Champion Lakes Campground Sign

BC Parks – Champion Lakes Provincial Park, British Columbia

We just camped at Champion Lakes this weekend. What a beautiful spot…

The campsites are well separated from one another, by well separated I mean there was at least 60 feet of dense trees between our campsite and the next, which meant we could talk in normal voices well into the night. We really didn’t hear anyone else at all once we were in our campsite.

The two swimming beaches at Champion Lakes are amazing. There’s lots of sand, sun, and shade…and the water is like bathwater. We spent hours floating and swimming in the lake every day and that’s where I’d be right now given the opportunity.

The weather over the weekend saw highs in the mid 40’s (Celsius) and lows between 10-15 (Celsius), which meant we had great swimming weather during the day and nice cool nights for sleeping.

The town of Fruitvale is a 15-minute drive from the campsite so we were able to get ice and cold beer daily.

The campground has water faucets and flush toilets throughout. There aren’t any showers but a swim in the lake with a little biodegradable soap takes care of your shower needs.

Check out the beach:

Champion Lakes Campground Beach - Scott and Bridget
Scott and Bridget at the beach at Champion Lakes Campground

Champion Lakes Beach - Jeremy and Bridget
Jeremy and Bridget at the Champion Lakes Campground Beach

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  1. awwww… looks like fun… i wanna go camping. Well we’re going Aug. 18-20 in Tofino at Crystal Cove. Pretty cool. and on Tues, we’re going across the border, i think we need to go to Olympia, WA now, so i don’t know, we won’t be staying in vancouver?

  2. It was a blast! No regrets for the long drive either.

    Tofino’s always a great place to camp – hope the weather works out.

    Have a great trip down to the States and give us a ring if you’re going to be in the neighbourhood at all.

  3. Looks like a great get-away spot….will have to make the journey and check it out for myself.
    Thanks for sharing you great pictures and information.

  4. that place looks very soothing and relaxing not to mention im sure theres great fishing! It reminds me of Lake Tahoe and a little west called Sly Park where the fishing and camping is great everyone has enough space to themselves!

  5. I use to live in fruitvale with my brother and my parents, I remember my parents taking my brother and myself to champion lakes, it was like our second home. I remember my dad would go off to work and my mom would put me in the wagon and take us down to the lake, we would spend the day there then my dad would come pick us up and take us back to our trailer. That was over 20 years ago now but seeing those pictures it sure does bring back the memories…

  6. Thanks for this! There’s no pics posted on the provincial site and I almost didn’t book because I wasn’t sure what the sites looked like for privacy. Sounds beautiful 🙂

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