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The editor of Geez Magazine, Will Braun, was featured on CBC radio this morning on my way to work.

I didn’t catch the whole interview but what I did hear is that Will has given up on motor vechicles for a year, opting for a bike instead.

If anyone’s read Geez Magazine I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. I’ll pick up a copy out of interest if I see it on a newsstand.

From the Geez Magazine website:

Geez Magazine has set up camp in the outback of the spiritual commons. A bustling spot for the over-churched, out-churched, un-churched and maybe even the un-churchable. For wannabe contemplatives, front-line world-changers and restless cranks. A place where the moon shines quiet, instinct runs mythic and belief rides a bike (or at least sits on the couch entertaining the possibility).

Geez Magazine

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  1. i hear that the next issue is going to be available at Chapters. Up till now, it’s only been by subscription.

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