Vancouver Celebration of Light Fireworks
Fireworks over the English Bay in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver’s HSBC Celebration of Light Fireworks 2006

Last night marked the first of four nights of fireworks in Vancouver, BC over the next two weeks. The HSBC Celebration of Light, formerly the Benson & Hedges Symphony of Fire, has been going on for 16 years.

The world’s leading fireworks manufacturers consider the HSBC Celebration of Light competition to be the most prestigious and an exciting arena where they can unveil the latest pyro-musical techniques and the most innovative fireworks materials.

HSBC Celebration of Light (updated link May 5/08)

More info about the Vancouver fireworks’ history, schedules, viewing locations, and safety tips can be found at the HSCB Celebration of Light website (updated link May 5/08).

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5 Replies to “Vancouver Celebration of Light Fireworks”

  1. writing from Winnipeg. Have tickets for a fireworks dinner cruise Aug. 2/08. Would like some information best places for a tourist from Winnipeg to see fireworks other thn from the ship. not too familiar with Vancouver area.

  2. Hi,

    I am a science high school teacher in Daytona Beach, Fl and would like to know if I could use you image of the Vancouver fireworks and a lecture presentation about how chemistry is used in our everyday lives. Your image would not be altered or copied; it would strictly be used for educational purposes.


    Laura Filipek

  3. Hello- My name is Richard, I am just a regular guy who would like to request permission to use the Fireworks over the English Bay in Vancouver photo as my profile picture on Facebook for one night (Tonight Dec. 31st) I will include a “Photo By” Giving credit to the author (you) if my request is approved.

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