Vancouver Fashion – Portobello West

Vancouver Fashion Market - Portobello West

Sunday August 26th is the launch of Portobello West, an outdoor fashion market based on Europe’s famous models.

Portobello West’s website says:

Portobello West creates a new shopping experience by bringing together a variety of designers and artists. It provides a place for people to support the local fashion industry, purchase unique designs and express their distinctive style.

Portobello West is launching August 27, 2006 and will be open year round on the last Sunday of every month from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The Georgia Straight has featured Portobello West more than once, here’s a clip from today’s paper:

Look out, London: here comes Portobello West
Alongside familiar labels like Sans Soucie, Blushing Designs, and Underdaaks are new ones such as Fill Yer Boots!, a company that does hand-painted Wellingtons. Some designers and artists are launching at the show, among them No Dice Threadz…Be there or be missing out on what may be the birth of a city fixture. “It’s not a flea market,” Smith stresses. “It’s a fashion market, London-style.”

It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun, with fashion, food, and music on site. Don’t miss it! See you there.

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  1. Hi Joy – I would recommend clicking on the link in the article that leads to the Portobello West website. I’m sure they’ve got contact info on their site.

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