Bill Clinton Fox News

Bill Clinton unloaded on Fox News tonight regarding accusations that he didn’t go after Bin Laden during his presidency. (The show was recorded on Friday). Clinton debunks some popular fiction that’s been reported in the media lately. It’s great to see Clinton taking a stand with Fox.

UPDATE: Matthew Good’s posted a great video of Keith Olbermann’s “True America” commentary, in response to Bill Clinton on Fox news. Olbermann’s commentary is smart and to the point. Enjoy.

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September Fashion and Art Market in Vancouver

Portobello West article in the Georgia StraightAbove: An article about Portobello West in the Georgia Straight

Portobello West is on again, for it’s second month in a row, at the Plaza of Nations today.

The fashion and art market takes place on the last Sunday of every month in Vancouver, BC. From what I’ve heard, the initial event was a huge success with over 4000 people attending. I’m looking forward to going downtown today to have a good look around the fashion and art market.

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What is RSS?

RSS Icon

What is RSS?
UPDATED September 10, 2008

Check out Common Craft’s Video: RSS in Plain English


RSS is a really great tool to make reading news and blogs online more efficient. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”, which is greek to most people.

While reading Lifehacker today I found a link to the best explanation of RSS I’ve seen so far.

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Elton John in Vancouver

Elton John - Captain & the Kid Album CoverElton John’s latest album, The Captain & The Kid.

Next Wednesday Elton John will be performing at GM Place in Vancouver…and I’ll be there with my girlfriend, Mom & Dad, and my brother and his girlfriend. I’ve never seen Elton John live before and I think it’s going to be great.

We grew up listening to Elton John in Dad’s car on the way to hockey games and swim meets, so to get to go see him live with my Dad and brother is really cool.

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