Gotta Love BC Houseboats

Cranbrook Bender on the Boat Houseboat Crew

We just got back from 5 nights aboard Sunshine Houseboat’s Crimson Cruiser, a 15ft x 60ft luxury houseboat. We had 15 in our party (plus CooperTheDog) – and party it certainly was.

Sunshine Houseboat's Crimson Cruiser Vessel

Our group went to a U-Brew about 4 months ago to brew up about 800 beer for the week. Aaron had to load his truck with the beer all by himself on Saturday morning before driving to Cranbrook – this is what 37 flats of beer looks like:

Enough beer for a housboat army

Sunshine Houseboat’s dock is great. They’ve got everything you need up and running and they load and unload groups very quickly and effectively. Pictured below you can see a small portion of their docks:

Sunshine Houseboat Dock

Most of the boats on Lake Koocanusa feature hot-tubs. I would definitely recommend choosing a boat with a hot tub, as it makes even the windiest night a star-gazing night:

BC Houseboat Hot Tub