Vancouver Fringe Festival in Full Swing

The 2006 Vancouver Fringe Festival started September 7th and runs through September 17. There are over 60 different shows at venues scattered throughout Vancouver. I’m sure this year’s shows will be fun and interesting.

Mik Kuhlman in Split Second at the Vancouver Fringe FestivalMik Kuhlman in Split Second at the Vancouver Fringe Festival

We had a lot of fun at the 2004 Fringe Festival, taking in a performance of Bouffon, which isn’t running this year, but was a great time.

I highly recommend going to a show at this year’s event – enjoy one of Vancouver’s really good cultural events.

Vancouver Fringe Festival Links:

The Georgia Straight’s Fringe Festival recommendations are available online, or pick up a copy from one of their street boxes.

What’s your favourite show at this year’s event?
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  1. Before I plug my own show, here are some recommendations from trusted sources:

    The Year of Falling Down
    Tippi Seagram’s Cocktail Hour (though it involves audience participation, which I do dig at all)

    I wrote Bolloxed (, which is running at the Playwright’s Theatre Centre. Audiences seem to dig it–they laugh a lot. Don’t take my word for it, though–we got good reviews from Victoria’s Times-Colonist and the Georgia Straight.

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