Bill Clinton Fox News

Bill Clinton unloaded on Fox News tonight regarding accusations that he didn’t go after Bin Laden during his presidency. (The show was recorded on Friday). Clinton debunks some popular fiction that’s been reported in the media lately. It’s great to see Clinton taking a stand with Fox.

UPDATE: Matthew Good’s posted a great video of Keith Olbermann’s “True America” commentary, in response to Bill Clinton on Fox news. Olbermann’s commentary is smart and to the point. Enjoy.

Clinton was very straightforward in this interview, which is something we don’t often see in the media anymore.

If you wish Clinton was still the President, or you’re not a fan of Fox, you’ll enjoy this clip.

There’s an article on the Fox News website about the interview and they also present the full interview in two parts. The quality of the video on the Fox News website is substantially better than the YouTube quality.

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