Canucks New Scoreboard – Big, Real Big!

The Canucks New Scoreboard
Photo credit: Jasmin Bollman (Flickr)

The Canucks have just installed a new LED scoreboard at GM Place. It’s the biggest and best resolution in an NHL arena. I can’t wait to see a game live with this new scoreboard.

Highlights include:

  • 4 BIG Screens (13.5ft x 24ft)
  • 4 Medium Screens (13.5ft x 5.5ft)
  • 2 360 degree ribbon screen
  • 1 Ring of Fire (Thanks John)

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Vancouver Homelessness Awareness Week October 16-22

Homelessness Awareness Week October 16-22, 2006It’s Homelessness Awareness Week in Vancouver, British Columbia this week. And they’re doing a great job of promoting it on the web, in print, and on the street.

In fact, as I was walking into my Gastown office this morning their were numerous homelessness awareness promoters on the street and in the back alley behind the building. They were a little rough around the edges, but they were definitely committed to their cause – I was aware, as I am daily, that there are too many people without homes in Vancouver.


Through Homelessness Awareness Week people living in the Greater Vancouver area are invited to learn more about what is causing homelessness; how homelessness affects the health of individuals and society at large; and why working together is the only way we will solve the crisis of homelessness in our community.

There are a number of events throughout the Lower Mainland this week supporting Homelessness Awareness.

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