Vancouver’s Ladybugs are back!

Ladybug on the patio of my Vancouver apartment.

The ladybugs are back! Arggghhh!

Fifteen months ago my girlfriend and I moved into a beautiful high-rise in Vancouver with a very large patio on the sixteenth floor. We spent countless hours on the patio with friends and family.

Last fall we were introduced to the asian ladybug, which likes to spend the winters hibernating in the cracks of light coloured, south-facing cliffs. You guessed it, our high-rise is light-coloured and last fall these lady beetles flocked to the building.

I’m thinking that last year was an anomaly, as we haven’t seen too many this year. I only saw about 10 yesterday and none today. Last year there were hundreds around my patio and thousands or millions flying around outside. For two weeks we racked our brains trying to figure out how to keep them away. After about two weeks they’d hibernated and we never saw them again. They didn’t come inside the apartment or wreck anything and I didn’t really give them a second thought until I saw the one, photographed above, on my patio yesterday.

Do you get ladybugs on your building in the fall? Let’s hope last year was an anomaly.

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  1. I was researching ladybugs and came across your blog. I’ve had the same problem (though it’s not really a problem for me) every year for the past ten years. Generally they stay outside but some do manage to come in. I trap as many as I can and put them outside. Ladybugs are supposed to bring good luck and are beneficial to the environment, though the Asian ladybug is considered a nuisance.
    Here’s my blog about my recent encounter:

  2. Crossing my fingers while I type this…This year there have been very few ladybugs around our apartment, and none have ever gotten inside. But our patio is still nice and relaxing. Last year we had a couple weeks where I didn’t even like to go on the patio because it felt “alive” with bugs…and I like ladybugs – that tells you how many there were!

  3. We have 100’s on our office building, i’ve never seen anything like it here in van so maybe they’ve moved to east van?

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