Roberto Luongo’s New Vintage Mask

Roberto Luogo debuted a new vintage mask at last night’s home opener in Vancouver. I found a couple of pics of Luongo’s new vintage mask.

See pics of Luongo’s new mask featuring a bear, pink panther, the Lions Gate bridge, and a vintage mask.

Too bad about the loss to San Jose last night but the effort was there again, which is great to see. I’m looking forward to having Salo back in the lineup, as he’s a tough guy to replace. Bieksa looked pretty good last night and it was awesome to see him net his first NHL goal.

Go Canucks!

2 Replies to “Roberto Luongo’s New Vintage Mask”

  1. Hey Jer!

    I was looking for photos of Luongo’s new vintage mask and guess who came up first!!
    Crazy shite…I’m getting a new mask painted right now which looks a bit like Luongo’s – vintage style. (Yes I’m a goalie out here in Ontario – something I’ve always wanted to do – get to play on outdoor rinks too which is great!) I’ll send you some photos of the mask when it is done.

    How is business anyways??

    Hope yer doin well.

    Kyle Lamont

  2. Hey Jer,

    Since you were the first to post last time – What is with the new ‘V’ stripes on the vintage looking 2009 mask now! Do you like it?


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