Canucks New Scoreboard – Big, Real Big!

The Canucks New Scoreboard
Photo credit: Jasmin Bollman (Flickr)

The Canucks have just installed a new LED scoreboard at GM Place. It’s the biggest and best resolution in an NHL arena. I can’t wait to see a game live with this new scoreboard.

Highlights include:

  • 4 BIG Screens (13.5ft x 24ft)
  • 4 Medium Screens (13.5ft x 5.5ft)
  • 2 360 degree ribbon screen
  • 1 Ring of Fire (Thanks John)

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It weighs 49,000 pounds and its four large HD-ready light emitting diode (LED) screens (13.5 feet by 24 feet) display 4.4 trillion colours. Up close at full power it’s like standing on a Tahitian beach.

“We figured out our limitation was how high it could be,” says Harvey Jones, Vice President and General Manager of Arena Operations. “Then we calculated the largest possible screen we could fit in the building.”

The four large main displays are 3.3 times larger than the old screens, but that’s just the start. Four medium-sized screen (13.5 feet by 5.5 feet) hang at the corners, and a ring of ribbon displays wrap around the entire top of the clock. All told, it costs upwards of $5 million.

2 Replies to “Canucks New Scoreboard – Big, Real Big!”

  1. They totally needed to get that thing replaced. It was adequate for what was there, but the displays were starting to looking a little weak. I’m anxious to get to another game and check it out for myself!

    Can’t forget the new “ring of fire”. I thought that was pretty neat until the Blackhawks game. They have a two-tier video ring! Damn the United Center is big, but, afterall, it is the house that Michael Jordan built. :p

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