Portobello West – The October Edition

Yesterday Bridget and I ventured down to the Plaza of Nations to see Vancouver’s only outdoor fashion and art market, Portobello West.

Portobello West Vendors in October (Vancouver 2006)A small corner of the Portobello West Fashion and Art Market at the Plaza of Nations in Vancouver.

Although it was raining in the morning, the sun came out before we got to the market and made for a beautiful afternoon walking around Portobello West. There was an impressive list of vendors and their wares were even more impressive. I had to hold Bridget back from completely reshaping her wardrobe throughout the course of the afternoon, but I did pick up a number of business cards so I’ll be able to find the vendors when it’s time to buy for Christmas.

The market was quite busy but the vendors were still accessible and everyone was very enthusiastic. I haven’t seen that kind of customer service in Vancouver in a long time, which is likely a result of the owners/designers/creators selling their own wares.

I’m really looking forward to visiting the November show and picking up Christmas items for the women in the family. There are so many original items at Portobello West that you’re sure to find something original for the person who has everything.

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