HMCS Huron – Target Practice?

Reading CBC this afternoon I noticed that the navy hopes to use a decommissioned destroyer, the HMCS HURON [image], as target practice off the west coast of BC.

My question is “Why wouldn’t we strip the ship and sell off the parts/scrap?”

It can’t possibly be a good idea to use a bunch of ammunition to send the boat to the bottom of the Pacific.

Note that I fully support the creation of artificial reefs – but towing a boat 100kms off-shore and blowing it up seems more like littering to me.

What do you think?

From Navy ship to be sunk during target practice exercise

A Canadian warship that has been tied up at the dock at CFB Esquimalt since 2001 will be towed out to sea off the west coast of Vancouver Island next year and used for target practice.

The navy says this will be the first time it has used one of its ships for target practice. In the past, it has sold old vessels for scrap or turned them into artificial reefs for divers.