The Noodle Box: Vancouver Grand Opening Party

noodle-box-001, originally uploaded by Jeremy Latham.

Thanks to Jodi Mann, Nick Crooks, Suzanne Goligher and Robin Donio for the invite to the Noodle Box Grand Opening party last Saturday night.

Bridget and I had such a great time at the restaurant. Lots of great people, food and drinks. I can still taste the deep fried banana and ice cream – Wow was that good.

I can’t wait for the snow to clear so we can get down there and have a real sit-down meal.

You guys have done an amazing job and I’m looking forward to many more good times at the Noodle Box on West 4th.

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  1. we took your advice & grabbed a bunch of to-go noodleboxes while in Vic a couple weeks ago. fabulous. i’ll have to try the banana next time;)

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