Movies for Boobies – Make a difference on Saturday

Zero Hour: A movie supporting the BC Breast Cancer Foundation

Did the headline get you? It got me when I received it in an email yesterday.

Movie Screening to Support the BC Breast Cancer Foundation

Wade Allen, a Vancouver realtor who I met through Toastmasters last year, and some of his friends have filmed two movies that are being presented on Saturday, at the Vancouver International Film Centre, to raise funds for the BC Breast Cancer Foundation.

I just want to remind you that this Saturday we are hosting our “MOVIES FOR BOOBIES” event at the Vancouver International Film Centre.

We are showing 2 short films made by myself and friends. They are both great films and total just over 1hr and 15min combined.

There are 6 showings through the day starting at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm. We are hoping to raise close to $20,000 for the BC Breast Cancer Foundation so that they can create the first ever online web community for women with breast cancer to go, get information, and support. This would be incredible if we could make this happen.

I hope to have all your support and friends and family so that we can make this day a success.

Tickets are $15 each for the matinee shows and $20 each for the 7pm show.

You can get tickets online here.

Please pass this on, as we only need 1000 people to come to pack the theatre for the 5 shows and raise the money.

Hope to see you there,


Ps. We are also having a raffle draw inside the theatre lobby, where you get 10 tickets for $10 and you can put them in a drop box for whatever prizes you wish to be entered in.

Zero Hour Screening Poster

Hope to see you there!