Neoprene Camera Case – Love the idea

Neoprene Camera Case

Two weekends ago Bridget and I were at Portobello West looking at all the local fashion and art goods for sale. We had just bought a new camera the day before – a slick little Casio – that we thought would be great for taking to Christmas parties.

The big reason I wanted such a little camera is that I can put it in my coat pocket and always have a camera with me. I was a little disgruntled because when we bought the camera they didn’t have any ultra-compact cases for our ultra-compact camera – and really what’s the point of a tiny camera if you’ve got a bulky case?

As we were walking through Portobello West I said to Bridget, “We should invent a small neoprene sleeve for ultra-compact cameras – that would be great!” She humoured me, like she always does whenever I have a “great new idea” and we left it at that.

This morning I received an email newsletter from that’s got a…drumroll please…neoprene camera bag called The Electric Pocket. It looks like a great little design although I can’t see myself carrying around a camera case with those colours. I’d also like to see the case without the extension on it, so it could fit in a pocket.

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