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Sxipper’s Online Identity Management Tool Released!

Visit and take it for a walk. It’s worth the two-minutes it will take you.

What is Sxipper?

This is from the Sxipper website:

Sxipper is a free plug-in for Firefox that lets you log into any website with a single click. Sxipper saves you time and brainpower by keeping track of all of your user IDs, passwords, and the personal data you share every day over the web. Sxipper logs you in securely and helps to prevent you from being victimized by phishing sites and phony logins.

Sxipper Pre-Release Party
A couple of weeks ago I attended the Sxipper (pronounced “Skipper”) pre-release party at Sxip in Vancouver. We were treated to beverages, appetizers, and smokies from the hot dog cart on the street. [Thanks to Jordan for the invite and to Lori and the rest of the Sxip team for the hospitality.]

Jeremy at Sxip Pre-Release PartyThey asked us not to post any screenshots or talk about the technology before December 5. Being relatively new to blogging, I just waited until the release date rather than tread the line between what was okay to talk about and not. Some other, more experienced bloggers attended – you can view their posts here:

Prior to attending the pre-release party I really didn’t know anything about Sxip other than having read a few articles about its founder, Dick Hardt.

More than food & drinks…

They took us into a room, in small groups, and asked us all sorts of questions about online identity management, how we track our usernames & passwords across the sites we visit… Then we installed the software on our laptops, while they watched the whole install and how we used the program. After the software trial they brought us back into the room and we discussed our experience. And it was a good experience. There were a few kinks during my install but once everything was sorted out Sxipper did pretty much what it was supposed to do – which is fill out all the online forms you come across and take care of your passwords for you. I upgraded from the alpha to the beta version today. Everything went smoothly.

I’ve used Sxipper since the pre-release party and have been quite happy with it. I turned it off two days ago to see if I missed Sxipper. Within two hours I’d turned it back on – Sxip just makes life easier.

Good news is whether you believe me or not – there’s now a public beta available, so visit and try it yourself!

Let me know what you think!

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