My Shiny New Flickr Badge

Jeremy Latham's Flickr Badge: Pictures

So I finally got around to incorporating my Flickr account into my blog. You can see it over there, on the right side of your screen. I’ve considered adding the Flickr badge a few times in the past but I didn’t really like to standard options offered by Flickr.

Today I did a quick Google search for Flickr Badges and found Veerle’s Blog listed in the top 5. Veerle’s blog has a great tutorial on making your standard Flickr badge W3C compliant.

My blog template is quite different than Veerle’s blog, so I had to make some changes to her html and css to make it work for me. But if you know html/css it’s very straightforward. It looks like the only thing that isn’t validating on the blog now are my embedded Youtube files. Other than that, she’s good to go.

So a big thank you to Veerle for the tutorial and all the other interesting stuff on her blog.

3 Replies to “My Shiny New Flickr Badge”

  1. That’s the same tutorial that I’ve utilized as well. True that it takes a little altering to figure out, but CSS has become nearly second nature to me lately. :p Looks good!

  2. Jer, I have the same problem with Youtube, and I found an easy fix: Switch off the the ‘visual rich editor’ in the ‘Users’ tab in WordPress, and you should have better success embedding videos.

    If you like, you can switch it back on after the post is published. Don’t ask me why, but this worked for me.

  3. @Jordan: I never use the visual rich editor – it’s more work than just typing in the code. I was referring to W3C validation rather than getting Youtube to work through the WordPress interface. Good to see you’re back online!

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