My Shiny New Flickr Badge

Jeremy Latham's Flickr Badge: Pictures

So I finally got around to incorporating my Flickr account into my blog. You can see it over there, on the right side of your screen. I’ve considered adding the Flickr badge a few times in the past but I didn’t really like to standard options offered by Flickr.

Today I did a quick Google search for Flickr Badges and found Veerle’s Blog listed in the top 5. Veerle’s blog has a great tutorial on making your standard Flickr badge W3C compliant.

My blog template is quite different than Veerle’s blog, so I had to make some changes to her html and css to make it work for me. But if you know html/css it’s very straightforward. It looks like the only thing that isn’t validating on the blog now are my embedded Youtube files. Other than that, she’s good to go.

So a big thank you to Veerle for the tutorial and all the other interesting stuff on her blog.