Jesus Camp on DVD January 31st

Jesus Camp looks like a documentary worth watching. I saw an interview with the directors of Jesus Camp (the movie), Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, on the Gill Deacon show today. (I was flicking through the channels while eating lunch, give me a break.)

Both women were bright and engaging so I expect the film will be very well done. I won’t sum up their interview, but instead will direct you to the movie’s website. Watch the video trailers that are available – it’s quite chilling…
Jesus Camp Website Preview

All the details you ever wanted to know about the movie and controversy are available at Wikipedia.

Following is a portion of the Directors’ Statement on

During the 2004 Presidential election John Edwards’ “Two Americas” speech seemed like a rather unoriginal way to describe the growing divide in this country. But now, after having spent almost a year shuttling back and forth between the religious heartland of Missouri, and home in New York City, the “two Americas” concept has taken on an entirely new meaning.

Clearly there are two parallel Americas: and one is a conservative counterculture comprised of tens of millions of Evangelical Christians who feel engaged in a culture war with what they perceive as immorality and godless liberalism. They consume their own news and popular culture via Christian television, radio, and publications, and carefully expose their children both to a literal interpretation of the bible and a call to political activism.

*Amazon says the DVD release date is January 23rd, but I’m sure they said the 31st on Gill Deacon today.

Let me know what you thought of the movie if you’ve seen it. If you haven’t seen it, do you think you will?

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  1. I hadn’t heard of this film until today. I watched the trailer and sat back totally speechless… stunned, really.

    I’m not sure I’ll be able to stomach watching the full piece.

    i’m a follower of Jesus… i hesitate to use the word “christian” as i think it’s been pretty successfully hijacked by those we meet in the jesus camp movie. i found the director’s experience of discovering “two parallel america’s” to be interesting… i agree… and anyone can clearly see it. i think there is, however, a generation of folks like myself who have moved away from the “christian” subculture… away from the conservative right (how far away can we get?!?). We want to add beauty to this world by living out the values and principles of Jesus rather than engage in an “culture war” fueled by indoctrination which, in turn, seems to be fueled by fear.

    Jesus is most definitely not a republican… nor a democrat for that matter.

    I’m so sad for the kids – and adults – in the film. There is such a skewed perspective of the Gospel… of the life of Christ… of his call for us to follow him… of his perspective of mankind.

    I’m hopeful, however, that people like myself will raise our kids differently… to teach our kids by example what Jesus was all about – LOVE, hope, justice for the marginalized, unity, reconciliation… so far i don’t see that reality in anything revealed via the film’s trailer and clips.

    ultimately i will likely watch the full movie… as painful as it might be…

  2. I am an atheist ……………….and it’s films like this that make me understand…..that I am 100% right! Religions were created by men to control others. Religion makes a mockery of humanity. Watch this people.

  3. @Chris: “I’m hopeful, however, that people like myself will raise our kids differently… to teach our kids by example what Jesus was all about – LOVE, hope, justice for the marginalized, unity, reconciliation…”

    I don’t care if you’re using Jesus or Barney the Dinosaur to teach your kids these principles – but they are the ones that everyone should be learning because it benefits all of us in the end.

    @Roshan: I’m not a believer in God either – I’m a believer in good. I think it’s up to all of us on earth to make things better for each other. It’s the only way we’ll KNOW that things will be better.

    I think this movie will be an interesting experience but I expect I’ll be shaking my head and clenching my fists when I see children being taught not to question or critically think for themselves.

  4. My family and my church children are the subjects of the movie Jesus Camp. The movie is a secular look at some of things we do. We are not comfortable with all the editing and we would not give someone the movie as an advertisement about what we do. We love to dialogue about the movie, however, and have provided a forum at

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