Have you tried Facebook?

I started this blog in May of 2005, but didn’t really become a regular poster until the fall of 2005. I wish everyone wrote their own blog, but that’s not going to happen.

Facebook Screenshot

A lot of the less web-inclined have signed up with MySpace in order to communicate with friends. I’ve been on MySpace for about a year. The only reason I signed up was because I thought I had to in order to read my cousin’s blog. I’m not impressed with MySpace and really only use it to see friends’ profiles or read the occasional blog update.

I’ve been getting invites for Facebook for quite some time but I consistently ignored them thinking it was just another MySpace. I finally signed up for Facebook a couple weeks ago and I’ve been floored with the number of people I’ve already “found” again. It’s a nice, clean interface, and the mini-feed on the user’s homepage is amazing for finding old friends across various networks.

I highly recommend Facebook to anyone who would like to reconnect with old friends they may have lost touch with over the years. And I hope to see a whole lot more of my old friends on Facebook.

3 Replies to “Have you tried Facebook?”

  1. Aw man, are you seriously going to be the camel that straw… breaks… wait, how’s that go??

    I’ve been fighting this, too. I see the benefits, but geez, another thing to sign up for a login into? When is it going to stop?!?!

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