Good Ad: Children See. Children Do.

I just received this ad via email from a guy on my slowpitch team. It’s a great little reminder that the little monkeys are always watching and learning…

…so we need to be aware of what we’re teaching them!

3 Replies to “Good Ad: Children See. Children Do.”

  1. wow. this made me cry. if we fail our children, we fail the world.
    thanks so much for sharing. every grown up should watch, i think.

  2. This is so true. I used to be a smoker.

    One of the things that urged me to quit was an afternoon my toddler came running outside where I was smoking.. he had a straw in his mouth, and he was puffing on it, immitating me.

    The last line for me was the day my older son came home from school asking me if i was going to die because I smoked cigarettes.

    I quit the next morning cold turkey.
    This was about 2 years ago now.

    I sure don’t miss it!

  3. @Bethy: Thanks for sharing your thoughts – I thought it was a pretty powerful ad.

    @Kristin: Thanks for the comment – I’ve often visited your blog so it was exciting to see that you’d left me a comment. Congrats on kicking the butts!

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