Our New Electric BBQ

Electric BBQ

We’ve been looking for a new BBQ for awhile now and last Sunday Bridget decided it was time to pick one up. We did the rounds at Costco, Sears, London Drugs, and Zellers.

We really wanted to get a big fancy stainless steel number…but the dollars and cents just don’t make sense for use living in an apartment. We needed to get a stand-up BBQ because we got rid of the old beer fridge that used to hold our old table-top bbq. After having visited all the retailers we figured we would opt for the $149 price range. Just before buying one at Sears we decided to stop by Canadian Tire.

Canadian Tire had a number BBQs on display outside that were similar to all the other stores we’d visited. They also had an electric BBQ that looked just like a normal propane BBQ but was poorly constructed. It didn’t really appeal to me…so we went inside to see if there were any more options.

I found the electric BBQ that’s pictured at the top of this post in Canadian Tire for $149. We used it for the first time on Sunday night and it works great! So I’m really excited because I won’t have to do any more last minute trips to the store for those little disposable propane tanks. And now we’ve got more patio space because of our new BBQ’s small footprint.

If you’re looking for a big stainless propane BBQ, the best value we found was the manager’s special at London Drugs for $349 or $399.

Firefox URL Shortcut

Using Google Reader this morning, Lifehacker showed me a new shortcut for typing web site addresses into the URL bar.

Have a look at this video to see the different shortcuts available for typing in the website address you’d like to visit.