Our New Electric BBQ

Electric BBQ

We’ve been looking for a new BBQ for awhile now and last Sunday Bridget decided it was time to pick one up. We did the rounds at Costco, Sears, London Drugs, and Zellers.

We really wanted to get a big fancy stainless steel number…but the dollars and cents just don’t make sense for use living in an apartment. We needed to get a stand-up BBQ because we got rid of the old beer fridge that used to hold our old table-top bbq. After having visited all the retailers we figured we would opt for the $149 price range. Just before buying one at Sears we decided to stop by Canadian Tire.

Canadian Tire had a number BBQs on display outside that were similar to all the other stores we’d visited. They also had an electric BBQ that looked just like a normal propane BBQ but was poorly constructed. It didn’t really appeal to me…so we went inside to see if there were any more options.

I found the electric BBQ that’s pictured at the top of this post in Canadian Tire for $149. We used it for the first time on Sunday night and it works great! So I’m really excited because I won’t have to do any more last minute trips to the store for those little disposable propane tanks. And now we’ve got more patio space because of our new BBQ’s small footprint.

If you’re looking for a big stainless propane BBQ, the best value we found was the manager’s special at London Drugs for $349 or $399.

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  1. Unfortunately shortly after this blog was posted the BBQ claimed to be the property of an OB1 Kenobi and set out across the desert.

  2. Hi;

    Has anyone heard of the Dimplex Powerchef? It’s an electric grill that actually works like a gas grill. It has the heating element built right into the grid and therefore is very efficient. You can check it out here http://www.dimplex.com/powerchef

  3. Ok now I’m hungry, way to go…

    Matt is right it does look like a driod from Star Wars

  4. je voudrais savoir a propos de gril electric power chef… est-ce que ca fait cuire des steak de un demi pouce bien saisit comme un bbq au gaz je suis en train de me le procurer mais avant je voudrais savoir si cela vaut la peine d’etre achete je me demande si 650 degre c’est correct pour saisir un steak merci jAttend de vos nouvelles

  5. @Yvan – You asked about whether the electric bbq will cook at 1/2″ steak like a gas bbq does. It really depends how you cook your steak. I believe a 1/2″ steak should be cooked at medium heat, so an electric bbq can certainly do the job. The electric bbq even cooks at high fairly well. The biggest difference I’ve seen as fair as electric bbqs go is that you can’t change the heat quickly up or down – it takes time. With gas you go from medium to high or high to low in an instant.

  6. Hi, I’d like to get an electric bbq just like yours. Could you send the product name/or code to me? I couldn’t find it on Canadian Tire catalogue. Thanks!

  7. Hi,

    I’m curious about the taste of food from the electric BBQ……do you get the same “BBQ” flavor as from a propane?


  8. The original BBQ flavor comes from using coal briquettes, I believe. Many BBQ enthusiasts think gas BBQs don’t impart the same flavor. I quite like the flavor from propane/gas BBQs and I found that our electric BBQ still gave a good BBQ flavor from the fat dripping on to the element and burning, the same way it does with all BBQs. So the short answer is, yes, you still get a good BBQ flavor from an electric BBQ.

  9. Oh, yes, I realize that from the charcoal and gas bbq’s, but I’ve never had anything cooked on an electric one……..so that’s good to know…….thanks Jeremy!!

  10. Hey,

    I have been looking at the exact same bbq. Does it actually produce a flame or is it similar to an indoor grill.

    Your blog has been super helpful.

    Thanks so much,


  11. It only produces a flame when grease drips on to the element. It’s essentially like an upside down version of broiling in an oven.

  12. Hi all, I actually work for Dimplex and can add some info on the electric grills we produce.

    We now have 3 different grills available with new ones coming for next season but they all use the same grilling element.

    There is certainly some validity to the coal/flame “flavour” but overall, the electric element is excellent. Since many of the BBQ recipes that I’ve used or have eaten use some amount of flavouring, I’ve actually preferred the results of the electric grills over other grills because of this. You can really taste the marinade more (I find) from an electric grill’s cooking than that of a coal/propane grill.

    Any questions, please feel free!


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