Designing Cradle to Cradle

I was reading the One Red Paper Clip blog last night and came across a very inspiring video of a presentation about design, taking into account “All children, all species, for all time.” The note to readers on One Red Paperclip read:

Dear all citizens of planet Earth. I think you should watch this movie:

*You can watch the video is full-screen by clicking the rightmost icon above “VideoEgg” or you can see it at its original source.

The presenter is William McDonough (bio), an architect and designer. The message is that we need to focus on sustainability – and it appears that he’s walking the walk. His book is called “Cradle to Cradle“. From McDonough’s website:

“I believe we can accomplish great and profitable things within a new conceptual framework—one that values our legacy, honors diversity, and feeds ecosystems and societies . . . It is time for designs that are creative, abundant, prosperous, and intelligent from the start.”

I’ve been reading The Upside of Down the last few weeks, and regularly watch/read info related to the environment, business, and people. Sometimes it really feels like we’ve got our heads in the sand… This video is refreshing and made me feel hopeful that somewhere out there people are working to design a better future for all of us. Watch the presentation and share it with your friends!

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