Llama Golf Caddy

Llama golf caddiesWhile working I often have a TV on in the background. Today the Knowledge Network was playing in the background and a story was featured on the Working Animals show. [episode: “The Teammates”]

I golf a fair bit and this just blew me away…I’ve seen gas-powered carts, electric carts, push carts, pull-carts, caddies, and even remote control electric carts – but llamas, that’s new!

After a quick Google search I came across a golf course in North Carolina that offers Llama caddies – Talamore Golf Resort. Apparently they’re wonderful animals for caddying because of their demeanor, ability to pack weight around, and the fact that they’ve got soft pads on their feet that don’t damage the golf course.

Who knew?!

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  1. That’s hilarious! I just can’t see myself with a Llama out there carrying my golf bag. I mean, what if I go to get a club out and the thing spits at me? 🙂 They do spit right?

  2. We are N.C. llama owners. At a show in Asheville, N.C., a few weeks ago a breeder we know from Tennessee was leaving the show to take six males to their new home where they’ll be caddies at a N.C. golf course. This may be their new home.

  3. No, but I’ll ask around the llama community. Right now, all we’ve heard of is in the Pinehurst area.

    In regard to Deron’s comment about the spitting, llamas really don’t spit that much – mostly on other llamas over food and space. We think this spitting reputation started at petting zoos where the llamas began spitting at each other over the food and people got caught in the crossfire. (Of course, if you’re annoying them, like trimming their toenails, they may spit on you. I can’t tell you how often we hear and respond to that comment. Did you get spit on while golfing?

  4. Sharon – other than an overzealous marshal, I haven’t been on the receiving end of a spitting situation on the course. I also haven’t ever used a Llama caddy before either.

    Thanks for letting me know the back story on Llama’s spitting…that’s a good bit of trivia for the next time Llama golf comes up at the pub.

  5. I have a logo golf ball from a Elmdale Hills Golf Club that says “Home of the Llama Caddies”. My research show this golf course may be in Minnesota.

  6. That’s great. I guess we can call them eco-friendly caddies. One thing though, what happens when the llama does his natural urges?

  7. working animals fascinate me. i haven’t heard of llama caddies though. that is so cool. i’ve seen animal planet features working animals. most of the animals that were featured were dogs and cats.

    i hope the golf players won’t get spit by the llamas..hehehe..^^

  8. LOL, This article sure had me rolling on the floor laughing! I can just picture myself with Llama. “Come on boy, pick up them golf clubs! Take me to the next hole.”

    Now onto the serious side of the article. My best friend works with animals. She tells me, Llama’s offer a superior intellect and calm nature. They are well behaved and take orders like that of a human being. Again, excellent article!

  9. My friend sent this to me and I am not surprised that the llamas make great caddies. I’m so glad someone thought to use these beasts of burden in such an awesome way. I have alpacas and the curve on learning how eco-friendly the camelid family is has just begun. Soft pads, and also when they do need to relieve themselves the pellets are easily scooped up for use as fertilizer. Wouldn’t that be great to use it on the golf course? Much less smelly than cow manure.

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