A Driving Alternative

They are saying that gas and food prices are going to rise dramatically over the next few years. It’s funny, because at $1.27 it already feels like gas prices have risen dramatically! I guess we’ll all have to do a little more walking in the future.

Speaking of feet, last night I received a link to Vancouver’s Mostly Lisa performing a “feet” of agility in front of a Chichen Itza Pyramid in Mexico. This morning a link from Beyond Robson led me to Parkour in Vancouver, which led me to the following video of three people running around town doing things I could only dream of being able to do. It’s well worth the watch…

I hope to see more people participating in Parkour, as it’s entertaining to watch and it looks like it’s really good for the body too!

  • Did somebody say Parkour??


  • That video is amazing. I can’t imagine doing some of that stuff. I’d definitely clothes line myself on the railing they were jumping through!

    Was $1.27 a typo? If not, let me know where I can get gas that cheap! I just went up to $3.85 here.

  • @Deron: That’s $1.27/liter after the conversion (1.27 * 3.785) you get $4.80/gallon. And now we’re at $1.33/liter here – not cheap! (Can/US $$ are pretty much at par when this was written).

  • Parkour = French word for “broken bones”. 🙂

  • Oh duh! Forgot your were in Canada. 😉

  • At $1.48 it really feels like gas prices have gone up! ‘Cause they have!!