Canucks Pre-Season Games on TV

I just found out that some of the the Vancouver Canucks preseason hockey games are going to be televised. Here’s the pre-season schedule. You can get it at but I wasn’t able to link directly to it.

September 2008
Mon Sep 22, 2008: Canucks/Oilers @ 6:00 PM on SNET-P
Tue Sep 23, 2008: Oilers/Canucks @ 7:00 PM on SNET-P
Sat Sep 27, 2008: Canucks/Sharks @ 7:30 PM
Sun Sep 28, 2008: Canucks/Ducks @ 5:05 PM on SNET-P

October 2008
Wed Oct 1, 2008: Flames/Canucks @ 7:00 PM on TSN
Thu Oct 2, 2008: Sharks/Canucks @ 7:00 PM
Sun Oct 5, 2008: Ducks/Canucks @ 7:00 PM

A busy week in Vancouver…

I’m lucky enough to be attending the EE Roadshow in Vancouver next Friday and then BarCamp Vancouver on Saturday/Sunday. It’s been a while since I’ve attended any tech events. So I’m really looking forward to the enthusiasm and great ideas that Vancouver’s tech events promote.

Having worked with ExpressionEngine (EE) for over a year now, I’m particularly excited to sit in a room full of people who also use it. Reading through the forums is great, and solves a lot of problems, but there’s really nothing like face to face discussion about topics of interest. Big thanks to Monique for making it happen!

And thanks to everyone who puts in the hard work to organize these events!