Great Summer Reading

Issue 6 Volume 3 Cover

I went back to my folks’ place in Campbell River last weekend for a few days of golf and some quality family time. To get to Campbell River, which is on Vancouver Island, from Vancouver you take a ride on BC Ferries.

Whenever I take the ferry I pick up a couple of magazines to read while I drink a combination of half hot chocolate and half coffee from the snack bar. On this most recent trip home I bought two magazines, the latest issue of Wired and The Walrus Magazine.

I was very impressed with The Walrus Magazine. It was their “Summer Reading Edition” and there are very few ads – almost every page is full text. I’ve already spent over two hours with the magazine and there’s still a lot for me left to read.

I’ll definitely be picking up The Walrus again.

Featuring memoirs by David Gilmour on Tolstoy and love, Xujun Eberlein on the Cultural Revolution, and Gail Gallant on growing up Catholic

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JPOD – Douglas Coupland’s Latest Novel

Image of the US/UK website for JPOD, Coupland's latest novel.

JPOD, Douglas Coupland’s latest novel, hit stores about a month ago. I’ve read most of, if not all, of his books and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of this one too.

Douglas Coupland Website
JPOD US/UK Website
Interview with Douglas Coupland re: JPOD

Jeffrey Simpson
at says:

Douglas Coupland’s [wp] new book JPod is either out, or about to be out.* (What do you expect, research? Sheet if Fox News doesn’t have to do it why do I?) Which is exciting because with the exception of his previous book Eleanor Rigby…

Metroblogging Vancouver: JPod and Douglas Coupland in the house

Have you read JPOD? Did you like it?

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Robertson Davies

Robertson Davies portrait

Robertson Davies – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This guy is worth reading. Here’s a list of novels by Robertson Davies:

The Salterton Trilogy

  • Tempest-Tost
  • Leaven of Malice
  • A Mixture of Frailties

The Deptford Trilogy

  • Fifth Business
  • The Manticore < --This is the first one of his that I read and I loved it!
  • World of Wonders

The Cornish Trilogy

  • The Rebel Angels
  • What’s Bred in the Bone
  • The Lyre of Orpheus

The “Toronto Trilogy”

  • Murther and Walking Spirits
  • The Cunning Man

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